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Colleen O'Brien-Miller is lead designer and owner

of Beezie + Co. Flower Farm. That’s a mouthful, so we just call her Sis.


With a penchant for cultivating heirloom blooms and a keen eye for design, she and her husband, Shaun, and a number of other family members pour themselves into this small but mighty floral dream. 


Colleen is the consummate planner and thrives helping clients bring their floral visions to life... step by step. No matter the size of the event or project, Colleen is always interested in helping!


A native of Washington State, Colleen has honed her strong sense of design through her childhood spent in nature, and her later years in retail merchandizing.


After accompanying Shaun across the country on his

22-year journey as an Air Force navigator, they’ve happily settled into life on the Skagit River Delta. They spend much of their time and creativity reviving her family’s original Fir Island homestead – the Bessner Family Farm.


The home was constructed in 1905, and Colleen and Shaun are restoring it to its former glory... one board, brick, and soulful story at a time.


Colleen and Shaun represent the fifth generation to proudly steward the property.


When Colleen isn’t in the flower fields or working on the old house, she spends time helping customers find just what they’re looking for at the Skagit River Boutique, doting on her nephews and nieces, crafting beautiful scrapbooks, and trying new ice cream recipes.


Follow along on Instagram at @beezieco! 


Who is Beezie anyway?


Mildred Cecelia Bessner, one of Annie and Matt Bessner’s three children, was born and raised in the 1905 home on Fir Island.  The Skagit River played a large role in the lives of the Bessner family… from the children taking the daily ferry to school across the North Fork of the Skagit River to the many floods cresting the dikes damaging and destroying Fir Island homes over the last century to the rich soil left to renew the fertile Skagit River Delta and create some of the most productive agricultural land in the country.  

Mildred left her home to attend nursing school at the Swedish Hospital in Seattle and became a Registered Nurse in 1926. Mildred's nursing school chums called her Beezie. With her agricultural upbringing, Beezie continued her enthusiasm for growing flowers and gardening throughout her lifetime.  Colleen has named her business Beezie+Co to pay homage to one of the many Bessner family members inspired by the beautiful and productive Skagit River Valley.   

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